My past and current clients are 日本の芸能人, singers, CEOs, managers, doctors, nurses, expatriates.

<Testimonials From Clients Who Took The Intensive Course>

Clients in The U.S

I knew about Aiko’s course through my life coach who lives in the States. I was looking for a pronunciation coach training program at that time and Aiko’s course seemed to be the perfect place for me to acquire solid foundations of phonetics and accent reduction. Before I decided to take her course, I made a comparison between other pronunciation schools in Japan and Aiko’s. Some schools said it would take a year of studying to complete the entire course which wasn’t ideal for me at all as I wanted to start helping people with English as soon as possible. Aiko’s course was very intense and practical and I’m really happy with the outcome that I gained a good grounding in American accent in a very short period of three months. I live in an English speaking country and had a certain level of confidence about speaking, yet every now and then my partner, a British, didn’t understand what I said and it made me very frustrated. In the lessons, Aiko gave us detailed feedback and that was absolutely the highlight of this course. I used to copy how people pronounce words to improve my speaking, but now I know how to produce each sound and words logically! I would highly recommend her courses to anyone who wants to speak like Americans but especially to people who have tried a lot of different methods to improve their pronunciation skill already, but still haven’t got a clue to get there quite yet. You’ll be amazed how much your accent will change in the next three months!



Definitely the course was helping my goal and career. As I’m working for an US based investment bank, there are no Japanese people at my office and people there are not used to Japanese accents. Also, my office is in Texas (not NY, California)! So I need to get my pronunciation fixed. I often experienced that my colleagues were not able to catch what I said (still now!). After taking the course, the situation is getting better. At least, I know where the issues are. Aiko knows what points Japanese people are struggling with. I assume she went through the most of them like I and you do, which is quite convincing. I tried many methods such as a book and a youtube video. However, I noticed that I was not able to improve my pronunciation without feedback from a person who knows the problem and solution. That’s a critical factor to take me to next level.



After I took this course, a lot of people stopped speaking slowly when they talk to me. Before, some people talked to me slowly with easier English due to my poor English. But now pretty much everyone speaks to me in the same way as they speak to other people. Also I have less difficulties hearing when I have TV conferences. I can tell my English improved. After I took this course I realized that I had an issue of being afraid of speaking English. I was already aware that I had fear when I spoke English, but I thought it was natural for a foreigner having the feeling. However, now I have learned that your English can become good enough to live in the US comfortably or without any issue due to English. In fact, now I really do not have to have any pressure or fear when I speak English and after this course it became really rare for me to be asked to repeat what I have just said during conversations. I really did not know/ expected that a foreigner would be able to live in US comfortably. I cannot think about learning pronunciation from anyone else but Aiko. That reason is she knows how American people can hear what we, Japanese people pronounce / what we hear when American people pronounce. Also, she explains right pronunciation with the tongue position or how to breathe etc. It really helped me. Sometimes people needed to guess what I said, but a lot of people can usually understand my English without any issues. At this level, it is hard for you to fix your pronunciation by yourself. That is the reason, having a professional teacher who can tell the pronunciation in a professional way is worth to have. I have learned Phonics and pronunciation symbols in the past and it helped me improve my pronunciation but it was not enough. According to Aiko, rhythm or intonation are also very important for pronunciation and I also really believe so. When I learned Phonics, probably some sounds of my English got better, but still people had difficulties to understand my English because my rhythm/ intonation was not good enough.



I can’t tell whether I improved my English pronunciation or not by myself. However I definitely tried to check my tongue position during this course. Before I took this course, I didn’t think about my tongue position, intonation and rhythm. Also, my husband told me I improved my pronunciation. I would like to continue practicing my English pronunciation. Thanks to Aiko, I am so motivated now. I am looking for materials to keep my motivation continuing. Individualized feedback is the best in this course because I was able to know my weak points and strong points clearly. I was impressed by Aiko’s knowledge about pronunciation and linguistics. Actually I studied English linguistics when I was a college student but I didn’t like it. Thanks to her teaching, I really enjoyed studying the linguistics in this course. I really appreciate her hard work. I really enjoyed taking her lessons. This course was really meaningful. I will practice hard to improve my English pronunciation.



I see my improvement. This is much more than I expected.
The biggest difference is that now I am more confident with my pronunciation, because before this course, I pronounced (talked) in the way as I listened to native speakers.
I have been exposed to English leaning environments since I was a baby because of my mom plus my current life circumstance, I thought I had pretty good hearing.(なんでしょうリスニングというよりも、聴覚的にそこそこ英語に適応した耳を持っていると思っていたんですね)I had always practiced a lot, but I had never been aware of such precise tongue positions. Since she taught pronunciation in very logical ways, I realized that pronunciation is kind of like a puzzle!! This is very interesting and motivates me!!! Everything was amazing. VERY professional. She also uses a lot of examples to explain such as anime characters which was helpful!



I was embarrassed with my thick accent, so I used to avoid speaking English as much as possible. When I have to speak English, my voice was so low, and often I was taken as I don’t have confidence. I feel in the US, people tend to think more highly if people have confidence, so this course is definitely helping my career. Because customers are understanding my English much more, it gives me confidence, also I have learned to use more air, so my voice is louder than before. I noticed myself that I am speaking English with much more confidence. At week 6, it totally surpassed my expectations. It is condensed learning, but fun. I would highly recommend this 8-week Facebook course to anyone who wants to improve his or her pronunciation. One of my biggest issues was I didn’t think my pronunciation can be improved. I thought people who started to study English late will always have a thick accent. But after I started to study pronunciation with Aiko, I realized that only things I was missing were right knowledge & practice! I didn’t know the correct sounds of American vowels and consonants also how to pronounce them, so I was using Japanese vowels and consonants. Also, I was speaking English as the same way I speak Japanese which I didn’t move my mouth and no air usage, as well as chopping each sound. So people were having a hard time understanding my English. Aiko is an expert. She is very knowledgeable about English, language and linguistics. Also, she came to American after she became an adult, so she understands our struggles, because she also went through it and had the same painful experiences; therefore, she knows Japanese weak points very well, and how to solve the problems. Also, she has excellent ears, and is able to tell when and how we did wrong pronunciation, and she can explain very well how to fix it. I have learned pronunciation before, and I watched videos and I just mimicked native speakers’ pronunciation. I was guessing the sounds. Aiko teaches how to make the right sounds, also gives us examples of which are familiar sounds to Japanese. Differences from other courses are 1) the course structure is very flexible with time and location. What I need is only my cell phone. Summer is the busiest time of the year for me, but I was still able to find the time to study. 2) We actually do Facebook live to show practice results, and we are given feedback. It is fun and it works as excellent accountability and I was able to notice what I did wrong from her feedback! I am also able to watch my class mate’s videos and feedback and able to learn from it. So many courses I signed up, but often I never finished it, but I have confidence that I am able to finish this course! J



Now I can speak English more confidently at work. Aiko indicated sounds I pronounced incorrectly and I was able to be aware of sounds I should practice. I realized my pronunciation improved especially when I talk on the phone. Now I can make myself understood better on the phone. I did not realize I had a problem with “F” and “S” sounds, which I thought I pronounced right, until Aiko pointed out. She let me know what the problem was, and taught me how to pronounce those sounds correctly. She gave me very easy-to-follow instructions. Now I can pronounce F and S sounds better and Americans understand me more. Aiko is very knowledgeable and passionate about linguistics. And she is so talented with teaching students difficult concepts in an easy-to-understand manner. She uses a variety of humorous metaphors for explaining pronunciation, which helped me understand a lot. I used a pronunciation study DVD before. I gained some knowledge from the DVD, but as a self-study, I never knew whether I pronounced right or not. Aiko gives me feedback every time my pronunciation is incorrect and I can realize that my pronunciation improves.


Client in Japan

In this course, I can learn English pronunciation step by step, very systematically. I’m sure I can improve my pronunciation by following this course and I feel some of my English pronunciation has already improved. Before the course, I couldn’t pronounce some sounds correctly, like “th”, “t”, “v” and so on. I practiced by myself, but some of them didn’t improve. In this course, Aiko gives us some useful tips and teaches us how to practice, and after my performance, she gives me detailed feedback. She knows how my tongue moves when she hears my pronunciation, and tells us how to change it. I think it’s her gift. I learned English pronunciation before by a Japanese whose pronunciation was pretty good, but he couldn’t tell me how to move the tongue.
Aiko also tells us how to breathe when we speak English. I didn’t know about that before, and it’s good to know.


<Testimonials From Clients Who Took The Coach Training Program>

Yukari Weber

“I can’t say enough Aiko is the best!! I figured out what she teaches can help Japanese English learners’ struggles. So I really wanted to learn deeper knowledge to be able to teach my clients professionally. I know no one teaches pronunciation, phonetics, and linguists in details for Japanese people like she does. Not only I can provide pronunciation related support for my clients, now I can help them improve their listening skills tremendously. What I have learned from Aiko is that pronunciation is science. So everyone can improve his/her pronunciation as long as he/she practices it in the right ways. The more we practice effectively, the more we can KEEP improving. We don’t have to rely on just a hearing sense as human. I can teach my clients logically to improve their skills now. All her lessons also have improved my English skills as well. I am so happy with the outcome that I’ve got. And I can help my children and husband to pronounce Japanese words correctly, too. I couldn’t have done all these without taking Aiko’s course. Honestly, I want to recommend this program to everyone. But highly recommended especially for teachers and coaches who want to change English education for Japanese people”

Recommendation from Aiko

“Yukari already had excellent pronunciation skills prior to taking my course, but she was motivated to improve more. And she improved a lot in 5 months. I am so inspired by her passion to help Japanese people who use English at work, especially in business meetings. She understands her clients’ struggles really well. I am certain that she can help many Japanese to have smooth business meetings in English. Adding pronunciation lessons in her coaching program will also help her clients have better listening skills.”

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Akiko Hatano

I decided to take Aiko’s course mainly because I needed to understand American pronunciation properly. As an English coach and teacher, I sometimes had trouble explaining how to move our tongue and use air to pronounce vowels or consonants correctly. Then a friend of mine, who is an excellent English coach, strongly recommended Aiko’s course. She said Aiko is far better than any other pronunciation coaches around her, which was quite convincing! During the five-month coach training program (that consists of 3-month intensive course and 2-month coach training course), I always learned something new. Both courses were really eye opening, and full of surprises! Aiko told me three different ways of pronouncing L and R sounds, the 2 to 8 ratio, and so on… Her courses are unique in that they are targeted at advanced English learners such as people working at American firms or English teachers/coaches. The learning system is also different from conventional styles: She uploads a lesson file and video each week, and we demonstrate what we’ve learned within a week by uploading our own video (“Facebook Live” or “Zoom”). This style was new to me, and I liked it a lot! I was able to learn each lesson at my own pace and repeatedly. Even after finishing the courses, I check those precious materials from time to time. Both courses were and still are helpful for my own English classes. Whenever a student speaks or reads sentences, I can check and correct their typical Japanese accents so that their spoken English becomes understandable to native speakers. Aiko’s enthusiasm impressed me. Every time I posted a question on the FB group page, she promptly replied to me. She explained everything in detail, sometimes with a voice file or a video. She was always friendly and easy-going, so I enjoyed exchanging messages with her without being nervous. That was an ideal environment for learning English pronunciation since we should relax when speaking English! I recommend her three-month intensive course for people who are working in an English-speaking environment as well as English teachers/coaches who have never learned American pronunciation properly. This course surely helps them to reduce their Japanese accents, and to speak easy-to-understand English. I recommend the 5-month coach training program for English teachers/coaches who have never learned American pronunciation properly. This program helps them to logically understand the difference between Japanese and English. They can also learn how to train their students.

Recommendation from Aiko

“Akiko was always interested in sounds and she asked me many questions regarding not only pronunciation, but also cultural differences and languages in general. I am glad to know that there is a person like her who lives in Japan and takes pronunciation seriously. She is already helping her clients acquire English and now that she can teach pronunciation, she can help them with English pronunciation as well. I recommend her lessons for Japanese people who are intermediate learners of English.”

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<Testimonials From Clients Who Took A Weekend L & R Lesson>

Clients in The U.S

I am always amazed by Aiko. Her knowledge and skills to improve your pronunciation is just outstanding. Not only pronunciation but other significant things regarding communicable English. No one teaches like her in Japan. If you live in the North America, or would like to teach real American pronunciation, she is the best. She is also very patient and dedicate to help people.

I had weekend classes for L & R. They were very effective classes. I had trouble with how I pronounce L & R. I could not pronounce them well but I can now. I noticed the difference between L & R. Aiko is very good at explaining how to move the tongue and lips and she always gives me energy & motivation. Aiko is also very patient. She can check and let me practice until I can do it better. I will try to practice more and hope I will have better pronunciation like Aiko.


My “L” and “R” sounds got considerably better in only 4 hours. Aiko’s explanations are accurate and easy to understand. Her lessons are really fun. She 
can hear how
 my tongue moves.


Client in Japan

I really enjoyed the lessons. Aiko has answered our questions on pronunciation with detailed and clear instructions and advice.I strongly recommend to take her lessons for anyone who wants to improve pronunciation.