3-Month Private Coaching Package $3600 ($3900 Value)

This is the premium plan for people who are in the US, working in an English environment. In this 3-month coaching, you will learn all the basic pronunciation skills and will improve effectively as you work with Aiko in the face-to-face online lessons.

*This is currently closed. If you would like to be on a waiting list, please contact Aiko.

*Lessons are conducted in English only and are for advanced English learners in the US, already working in an English environment who need very high pronunciation skills for their business and career.

What you can learn from this coaching package

Lesson 1: Muscle Training, Breathing, Warm Up
Lesson 2: Rhythm, Length, Chunking
Lesson 3: Intonation
Lesson 4: Stress Patterns
Lesson 5: Consonant Clusters
Lesson 6: Linking and Reduction
Lesson 7: Vowels 1
Lesson 8: Vowels 2
Lesson 9: L and R
Lesson 10: Pronunciation of T
Lesson 11: Consonants 1
Lesson 12: Consonants 2

You will receive a lesson file and video ahead of time to make each private lesson effective (Lesson files and videos are in English and in Japanese). You will learn the same thing as the basic plan. The difference between the basic and premium plans is that you will have face-to-face online lessons in the premium plan. The basic plan is more flexible in time since there are no face-to-face lessons.

This package includes:

  • 12 one-hour private lessons (once a week)
  • 12 lesson files and videos
  • 12 private lesson recordings
  • You may request words that you would like to practice in the lessons
  • You may ask unlimited questions for 3 months
  • You may ask up to 12 questions after the coaching is over.

*If you do not have a definite reason to improve your pronunciation or if you don’t use English, this is not for you.


Payment Policy: If you use a Paypal transfer, a 5% paypal transaction fee will be added to the tuition. Bank transfers between Canadian bank accounts or American banks are available. American and Canadian checks are acceptable. No split payments are available. Complete the payment before the course starts.

Refund Policy: All sales are final. Aiko will send you a contract for this course and please read it through carefully before you sign it and make a payment.

Course Policy: It is your responsibility to practice on your own. If you just take this course and don’t practice or if you are not open minded to accept new information (The English language and the Japanese language are very different and they are opposite in many ways), you will not improve your pronunciation. If you don’t believe you can improve, you won’t improve. Your mind needs to be ready to learn and change.


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