Basic Plan

3-Month Intensive Course Using FB

Learn American English pronunciation basics in 12 weeks

from Aiko Hemingway who is an American English pronunciation coach.


What is included in this course

  1. 12 hours of lecture ($1200 value)

  2. 12 individually customized feedback sessions ($1000 value)

  3. Original written materials ($600 value)

Course Fee: $2800

Early bird price: $2640 (Register by Mar. 24th 2019)

Dates: Apr. 2nd – Jun 24th 2019 (12 weeks)
Location: In a secret Facebook group
Up to 6 people.
Register here.


In a secret Facebook group, you will watch lessons and go on live each week to pronounce words and get feedback so that you will know what areas you need to practice on. Also you can ask questions regarding pronunciation, English, and English learning.

From the lessons, you will learn:
– how to pronounce correctly by knowing how to position the tongue
– how to move lips and how to use air
differences between English and Japanese sounds (which sounds are in Japanese and which sounds are not, differences in tongue / lip position).
– From the feedback, you will know when you pronounced correctly, how you can fix certain sounds, and how to practice on your own.


This plan is for only advanced English learners who are in the US, already working in an English environment, needing to improve their pronunciation skills for business and career. If you don’t have time to practice, or if you are not comfortable using English only, this is not for you. This is very intensive and there is homework every week but at the same time, you will learn a lot in 3 months. It is a great learning environment for you to work with your classmates who also are advanced learners and have the same goal in business and career.
Each week, we focus on these themes.

*You will learn the same thing as the premium plan. The difference between the basic and premium plans is that the basic plan does not have face-to-face online lessons. The basic plan is suitable for people who want to work at their own pace. The premium plan is suitable for people who would like to have private lessons.

Lesson schedule
Week 1: Muscle Training, Breathing, Warm Up
Week 2: Rhythm, Length, Chunking
Week 3: Intonation
Week 4: Stress Patterns
Week 5: Consonant Clusters
Week 6: Linking and Reduction
Week 7: Vowels 1
Week 8: Vowels 2
Week 9: L and R
Week 10: Pronunciation of T
Week 11: Consonants 1
Week 12: Consonants 2


Check out her pronunciation level. *She speaks English as a second language.

Each week,
– a lesson file and video (1 hour) will be posted,
– you will watch the lesson, practice, and go on Facebook live (5 minutes or less),
– and a live feedback video will be posted.


<Uniqueness about this course>

This course is focusing on the normal speech which is actually used in the States.
You can take this course from anywhere in the world in any time zone. All you need is your smart phone, iPad or computer to watch the lessons and go on Facebook live.
You can watch a replay anytime you like (also you can watch it live), how many times you like, and anywhere you like.
You can ask any questions regarding English and pronunciation during the 12 weeks.
You will feel confident by being told what you are doing great.


<This course is suitable for you if you:>

Are in the States, needing to improve your pronunciation for your career goal.
Are an English teacher, wanting to teach the American pronunciation.
Came to the States after the age of 12.
Want to improve your pronunciation but do not know how.
Want to be understood, and want to understand native speakers’ fast pronunciation.
Want to practice talking in front of camera live.


<Can you  relate to the following thoughts?>
“I avoid speaking English because my English is not good enough.”
“I am having a hard time communicating in the States.”
“I am not able to step out of Japanese community in the States because of my English.”
“I have been in the States for a long time, but I still have a thick accent.”
“I want to improve my pronunciation, but I do not know how to. Native speakers of English can not really explain how I can fix my pronunciation.”
“I came to the States after I became an adult. It is too late to learn pronunciation.”

Then in this course you will begin to know that you can actually improve your pronunciation and listening skills by the right kind of practice!

Pronunciation is not the only important thing when it comes to communication, but if you improve your pronunciation, you will:

– Be able to communicate more smoothly.
– Have more opportunities for business in the States.
– Not have to limit yourself because of English.

Would you imagine the situation where you do not have to worry about your pronunciation anymore because people understand you easily? And you can do whatever you have been wanting to do in the States without a language barrier?

Wouldn’t that be nice?
Right now, you may think it is not possible. But it is possible! Anyone can do it. All it takes is to know the right method and practice. In this course, you will begin to know that you can do it. You will begin to believe that it is possible for you.


<In this course you will know:>

1. Areas that you are doing well and areas that you can practice and improve.
2. How to practice by yourself.
3. American rhythm, intonation, speed, and stress.
4. Correct sounds of American vowels and consonants.
5. How to move the tongue and lips.
6. How to train facial muscles for English speech.
7. How to project the sounds by using the right amount of energy, air, and vibration.
8. How to use Facebook live and get used to talking on live.


<But, why should you take a course from me (Aiko)? Because:>

– I myself had a hard time communicating in the States because of my English pronunciation.
– I did not speak English at all when I came to the US at the age of 23. I want to tell that anyone can learn pronunciation, even after becoming an adult.
– I learned and figured out the differences between Japanese and English in terms of pronunciation, breathing, rhythm, intonation and stress.
– I hear pronunciation and can have a clear image of how the person is moving the tongue. Using my special skills, I can tell you exactly how to position your tongue, how to move your lips, how to use the right amount of energy and air, and how to speak with the American rhythm.
– I have learned linguistics at a university (University of California, Los Angeles), focusing on phonetics, phonology and intonation. I can answer pronunciation questions which native speakers or other teachers may not be able to answer.


<Testimonial from the clients>

In this course, I can learn English pronunciation step by step, very systematically. I’m sure I can improve my pronunciation by following this course and I feel some of my English pronunciation has already improved.
Before the course, I couldn’t pronounce some sounds correctly, like “th”, “t”, “v” and so on. I practiced by myself, but some of them didn’t improve. In this course, Aiko gives us some useful tips and teaches us how to practice, and after my performance, she gives me detailed feedback. She knows how my tongue moves when she hears my pronunciation, and tells us how to change it. I think it’s her gift.
I learned English pronunciation before by a Japanese whose pronunciation was pretty good, but he couldn’t tell me how to move the tongue.
Aiko also tells us how to breathe when we speak English. I didn’t know about that before, and it’s good to know.



I was embarrassed with my thick accent, so I used to avoid speaking English as much as possible. When I have to speak English, my voice was so low, and often I was taken as I don’t have confidence. I feel in the US, people tend to think more highly if people have confidence, so this course is definitely helping my career. Because customers are understanding my English much more, it gives me confidence, also I have learned to use more air, so my voice is louder than before. I noticed myself that I am speaking English with much more confidence.
At week 6, it totally surpassed my expectations. It is condensed learning, but fun. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to improve his or her pronunciation.

One of my biggest issues was I didn’t think my pronunciation can be improved. I thought people who started to study English late will always have a thick accent. But after I started to study pronunciation with Aiko, I realized that only things I was missing were right knowledge & practice!

I didn’t know the correct sounds of American vowels and consonants also how to pronounce them, so I was using Japanese vowels and consonants. Also, I was speaking English as the same way I speak Japanese which I didn’t move my mouth and no air usage, as well as chopping each sound. So people were having a hard time understanding my English.

Aiko is an expert. She is very knowledgeable about English, language and linguistics. Also, she came to American after she became an adult, so she understands our struggles, because she also went through it and had the same painful experiences; therefore, she knows Japanese weak points very well, and how to solve the problems. Also, she has excellent ears, and is able to tell when and how we did wrong pronunciation, and she can explain very well how to fix it.
I have learned pronunciation before, and I watched videos and I just mimicked native speakers’ pronunciation. I was guessing the sounds. Aiko teaches how to make the right sounds, also gives us examples of which are familiar sounds to Japanese.
Differences from other courses are 1) the course structure is very flexible with time and location. What I need is only my cell phone. Summer is the busiest time of the year for me, but I was still able to find the time to study. 2) We actually do Facebook live to show practice results, and we are given feedback. It is fun and it works as excellent accountability and I was able to notice what I did wrong from her feedback! I am also able to watch my class mate’s videos and feedback and able to learn from it. So many courses I signed up, but often I never finished it, but I have confidence that I am able to finish this course! J



Now I can speak English more confidently at work. Aiko indicated sounds I pronounced incorrectly and I was able to be aware of sounds I should practice. I realized my pronunciation improved especially when I talk on the phone. Now I can make myself understood better on the phone.

I did not realize I had a problem with “F” and “S” sounds, which I thought I pronounced right, until Aiko pointed out. She let me know what the problem was, and taught me how to pronounce those sounds correctly. She gave me very easy-to-follow instructions. Now I can pronounce F and S sounds better and Americans understand me more.

Aiko is very knowledgeable and passionate about linguistics. And she is so talented with teaching students difficult concepts in an easy-to-understand manner. She uses a variety of humorous metaphors for explaining pronunciation, which helped me understand a lot.

I used a pronunciation study DVD before. I gained some knowledge from the DVD, but as a self-study, I never knew whether I pronounced right or not. Aiko gives me feedback every time my pronunciation is incorrect and I can realize that my pronunciation improves.


Payment Policy: If you use a Paypal transfer, a 5% paypal transaction fee will be added to the tuition. Bank transfers between Canadian bank accounts or American banks are available. American and Canadian checks are acceptable. No split payments are available. Complete the payment before the course starts.

Refund Policy: All sales are final. Aiko will send you a contract for this course and please read it through carefully before you sign it and make a payment.

Course Policy: It is your responsibility to practice on your own. If you just take this course and don’t practice or if you are not open minded to accept new information (The English language and the Japanese language are very different and they are opposite in many ways), you will not improve your pronunciation. If you don’t believe you can improve, you won’t improve. Your mind needs to be ready to learn and change.


Course Fee: $2800

Early bird price: $2640 (Register by Mar. 24th 2019)

Dates: Apr. 2nd – Jun 24th 2019 (12 weeks)
Location: In a secret Facebook group
Up to 6 people.
Register here.