<American Pronunciation Counseling>

1 hour $35 / person

8/25 Friday 5pm in Hawaii (8pm in PST, 11PM in EST): 4 seats only

The form for 8/25: http://bit.ly/2uAf8s1

8/26 Saturday 8am in Hawaii (11am in PST, 2pm in EST): 4 seats only

The form for 8/26: http://bit.ly/2vwsXJm

This event is for people who are in the States, struggling with communication because of pronunciation, and giving up that pronunciation can not be learned after becoming an adult. In this event, you will know three areas that you are doing great and three areas that you can focus on to improve your pronunciation. You will learn that pronunciation can be learned anytime. You just need to know the right knowledge and practice.

Rhythm, intonation, sound connection, breathing will be checked as well as vowels and consonants.

Know what you are doing well so that you will become confident with your current English. Also know how you can practice so that your pronunciation will become understandable and also you will improve your listening skills.