Private Lessons

30-min trial lessons and 3-month private lesson package are available. For more information, click here

Learn pronunciation tips and points directly from Aiko who is an accent reduction specialist and linguist!

Her lessons are suitable for you if you are:

  • In the United States, and working in an English environment.
  • Wanting to improve pronunciation effectively.
  • Working towards your goal in USA.
  • Planning to come to the US.

You will learn not only vowels and consonants,

but also rhythm, intonation and breathing which are very important for speaking American English.

Contact Aiko for making an appointment.


3-Month Intensive Course on Facebook

This course is for up to three people. Check out the details here.

Text and lesson videos are in Japanese and English, explaining American English in details.

Learn pronunciation techniques and tips in 12 weeks with amazing classmates who will have the same or similar goal as yours.

You can watch lesson videos anytime, get used to talking on live by giving a presentation each week, and receive individually customized weekly feedback. You will have lifetime access to the materials and videos on Facebook.


Accent Reduction Coach Training Course

If you would like to teach accent reduction, this is the course for you. For 8 weeks, you will learn all the basics of pronunciation, intonation, breathing, and rhythm techniques from Aiko. You will train your ear, learn how to read IPA (international phonetic alphabets) and also how to transcribe pronunciation into IPA. You will have a lot of homework each week also you need to practice. You will start working with your client and record your sessions and analyze them from Week 6. This course is for one person only in one term. For more information, click here. The text is in English only. Good to excellent pronunciation skill is required.


Online Material

自分のペースで学べる英語の発音矯正コース on Teachable. アメリカ在住向けに作られており、実践的な発音の仕方を教えています。アメリカ人同士の早い発音にフォーカスしているのでリスニング力も同時に上がります。