Free Webinars

How not to be afraid of speaking English as a second language

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8/24 at 3pm in Hawaii (6pm in PST / 9pm in EST. Please check the time since there are many time zones in the States)

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American Pronunciation Counseling Event

1 hour $35 / person

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8/25 Friday 5pm in Hawaii (8pm in PST, 11PM in EST): 4 seats only

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8/26 Saturday 8am in Hawaii (11am in PST, 2pm in EST): 4 seats only

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Know what you are doing well so that you will become confident with your current English. Also know how you can practice so that your pronunciation will become understandable and also you will improve your listening skills.

8-week facebook live course

8-Week Facebook Live Intensive Pronunciation Course

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Early bird tuition $450 by 8/31, regular tuition $650

Repeater special price $250 (for private lesson students and intensive courses)

From 9/18 to 11/10. Up to 6 people.

In a secret Facebook group, you will watch live lessons and go on live each week to pronounce words and get feedback so that you will know what areas you need to practice on. Also you can ask questions regarding pronunciation, English, and English learning.