Basic Plan

The basic and premium plans cover the exact same thing. The difference between the plans is that the basic plan does not have face-to-face online private lessons and you will work in a Facebook group of 2-4 people. You can learn the material and submit your homework at your own pace. Check out the details here.


Premium Plan

The premium plan has face-to-face online private lessons where you work with Aiko. For more information, click here

Learn pronunciation tips and points directly and privately from Aiko who is an accent reduction specialist and linguist!


Both plans are for advanced English learners who are:

  • Company executives and business owners
  • Actors, singers, comedians, TV personalities in the US
  • In the United States, and already working in an English environment
  • Wanting to improve pronunciation effectively
  • Comfortable using English only to communicate

You will learn not only vowels and consonants,

but also rhythm, intonation and breathing which are very important for speaking American English.

Contact Aiko for a free 20-min consultation.


Coach Training Program

If you would like to teach accent reduction, this is the program for you. You will learn all the basics of pronunciation, intonation, breathing, and rhythm from Aiko, and the points and techniques to coach American English pronunciation effectively in five months. You will train your ear, learn how to read IPA (international phonetic alphabets) and also how to transcribe pronunciation into IPA. You will have a lot of homework each week also you need to practice. You will work with your client and record your sessions and analyze them. For more information, click here. The text is in English only. Good to excellent pronunciation skill is required. There are two tests (one prior to the program, and another one before going into the core linguistics portion).


Business Coaching

A 6-week business coaching for English coaches is available. Check out the details here.


Payment Policy: If you use a Paypal transfer, a 5% paypal transaction fee will be added to the tuition. Bank transfers between Canadian bank accounts or American banks are available. American and Canadian checks are acceptable. No split payments are available. Complete the payment before the course starts.

Refund Policy: All sales are final. Aiko will send you a contract for this course and please read it through carefully before you sign it and make a payment.

Course Policy: It is your responsibility to practice on your own. If you don’t believe you can improve, you won’t improve. Your mind needs to be ready to learn and change.


Online Material

自分のペースで学べるアメリカ英語の発音矯正コース on Teachable is available for anyone who wants to improve his/her pronunciation. This is designed for advanced English learners who are in the US, working in an English environment. But anyone can take it. Aiko’s time is limited, and the number of clients she can coach is very small because she cares about the quality of her lessons. So she created this self-study material for anyone who wants to learn pronunciation. This is a good opportunity for you know what exactly “accent reduction” is and if you like Aiko’s style, contact her to be on a waiting list for the basic or premium plan where you can learn American pronunciation more intensively.