How to Pronounce “Water” American English Pronunciation Lesson

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I just uploaded a new video. Learn how to pronounce “water”

This is a very easy word but so hard to pronounce. I had a hard time with this word when I came to the States.

Even one and a half years after I came to the States, I could not order water at a restaurant without repeating myself many times.

If you are having a hard time pronouncing this word, this video will help!


W – Pronounce it softly and gently by pushing out your lips forward

A – Move the back of your tongue down. I did a West Coast accent in the video (because I lived in California for 15 years). If you are on the East Coast, you want to close your mouth a bit more than how I did in the video.

T – This T gets softened in the States. It is called Tap T (Alveolar Tap to be specific) and some people might call it flap T. The IPA (international phonetic alphabet) is /ɾ/. This is a kind of “trill” but you do it only once.

ER – This is schwa with R. The IPA symbol is /ɚ/. Some dictionary may show /əɹ/ or /ər/ depending on the dictionary. For this type of R, have a flat tongue and tense it up, lift it up and move it back to your throat. Make sure that you do not curl your tongue. If you curl your tongue, it may sound like between L and R. To avoid that confusion, have a flat tongue.


Practice some sentences. “Can I have a glass of water?” “Would you like some water?”

How is it? Please let me know how it goes.


I get this question a lot. “What book do you recommend to study pronunciation?”

Here is my answer:

The American Accent Guide, 2nd Edition, A Complete and Comprehensive Course on the Pronunciation and Speaking Style of American English for Individuals … book and nearly 8 hrs of MP3 audio

I studied pronunciation with this book long long time ago. I took accent reduction lessons and studied linguistics at a university after that, but this book was a good start. I recommend this to a beginner.


I get this question too. “What book do you recommend to study English grammar?

Here is my answer.

Understanding and Using English Grammar, 4th Edition (Book & Audio CD)
I studied grammar with this book long long time ago. But some of the phrases are not used in the real world anymore. Languages are alive and English grammar we learn in textbook is always behind. Just keep in mind and be flexible. But this book definitely helped me understand English grammar better.


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If you are serious about learning pronunciation, please check this out.

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Thank you very much for reading it. I will see you later!



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