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[1 Spot left]
I am looking for a person who would like to start taking private lessons in Nov. to improve American English pronunciation.
My lessons are suitable for you if you:
-Are in the States, working in an English environment.
-Want to improve pronunciation, but do not know how.
-Have learned pronunciation, but did not improve.
-Need a strong pronunciation skill to achieve your goal in the States.
I will give you very specific instructions on how to move your tongue, use your throat, and use air. I can tell how you are moving your tongue by listening your pronunciation.
I do not recommend my lessons if you:
-Want to improve pronunciation without effort. (You need to practice a lot!!)
-Want to become a native speaker. (Native speakers are who acquired English before the age of three.)
-Live in Japan. (You do not have to learn an American accent. Foreigners in Japan should learn a Japanese accent. But if you are planning to live in the States, I can help you!)
Please contact me if you are interested in the lessons. I am looking forward to hearing from you!

日本語で「How Not to Be Afraid of Speaking English. 英語を話すのが怖くなくなるショートブック」を出しました。英語を話すのが怖い!という方にぜひ読んでもらいたい本です。英語を楽しめるようになってみてください♪

For those of who are in the States.

How Not to Be Afraid of Speaking English (Japanese Edition)

If you live in Japan.

How Not to Be Afraid of Speaking English

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Aiko : American Accent Coach
Graduated from UCLA. B.A in linguistics. Specializing in phonetics, phonology, and intonation. Learned pronunciation basic with “The American Accent Guide” and took accent reduction lessons from the author Beverly A. Lujan.

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