How to Pronounce “Want to” in Four Different Ways

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I uploaded a new video. You will learn four different ways to pronounce “want to.” Did you know it could be pronounced in four different ways? If you learn this principle, you can apply it to other words.

There are two types of words in English pronunciation.

Function words and content words.

Function words are not important. They are there for a grammatical reason.
Content words are very important to tell a story.

In American English, function words get reduced so much. Since “want” and “to” are both function words, both get reduced and there are four possible ways to pronounce it.

Vowels in function words often times become the schwa.

The vowel “schwa” is very important.

As you see my videos, I almost always talk about the schwa. If you master this vowel, not only your pronunciation will improve, but also your listening skill will go up.

Consonant T is an interesting sound. It changes its sound in many different ways. In “want to”, T can become silent! This is why “want to” becomes “wanna.” T disappears.

Please let me know how it goes or if you have any questions!
I mispronounced “helpful” in the video and put the scene at the end. L and R are so difficult! When I am not conscious, I flip them. Be conscious about L and R. lol


I get this question a lot. “What book do you recommend to study pronunciation?”

Here is my answer:

The American Accent Guide, 2nd Edition, A Complete and Comprehensive Course on the Pronunciation and Speaking Style of American English for Individuals … book and nearly 8 hrs of MP3 audio

I studied pronunciation with this book long long time ago. I took accent reduction lessons and studied linguistics at a university after that, but this book was a good start. I recommend this to a beginner.


I get this question too. “What book do you recommend to study English grammar?

Here is my answer.

Understanding and Using English Grammar, 4th Edition (Book & Audio CD)
I studied grammar with this book long long time ago. But some of the phrases are not used in the real world anymore. Languages are alive and English grammar we learn in textbook is always behind. Just keep in mind and be flexible. But this book definitely helped me understand English grammar better.


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