How to Pronounce “I am going to” Really Fast. Improve Your Listening Skills

Hi English learners. How are you?

I just uploaded a new youtube video. How to pronounce “I am going to” really really really fast. This will help you improve your listening skills and also understand why American people can speak English so fast.

When I came to the States, as many of you know, I did not speak English well. I just got enough score on TOEFL to be able to get into a community college. But my listening and pronunciation skills were so bad. When I started taking classes at the college, I did not understand what the teachers were saying.

And that time, I noticed that teachers were saying “amana” a lot when they spoke. I was like “I have never heard amana. But they use it a lot. It must be important. What is it?!” I looked up the dictionary. I didn’t find the word. I asked my classmates “hey what is amana?” They did not understand my pronunciation. I… was… stuck!

But later on, I started practicing pronunciation by watching “Friday” the movie (Ice Cube and Chris Tucker are in it), I realized they were saying “amana” and the English caption was saying “I am going to.”

“amana” = “I am going to”

I was blown away. No wonder I did not understand “amana.” I did not know the normal pronunciation of it. I only knew the slow clear pronunciation of “I am going to.”

A simple phrase like “I am going to” can change the sound so much that you won’t recognize it anymore. And guess what? “I am going to” is not the only one that changes the sound drastically. Other phrases change their sound so much too.

It is important to learn the fast form of pronunciation. Use dramas, movies, or TV shows to learn the normal speech. But choose only one drama (or one episode) and stick with it. Analyze their pronunciation and the English caption.



I get this question a lot. “What book do you recommend to study pronunciation?”

Here is my answer:

The American Accent Guide, 2nd Edition, A Complete and Comprehensive Course on the Pronunciation and Speaking Style of American English for Individuals … book and nearly 8 hrs of MP3 audio

I studied pronunciation with this book long long time ago. I took accent reduction lessons and studied linguistics at a university after that, but this book was a good start. I recommend this to a beginner.


I get this question too. “What book do you recommend to study English grammar?

Here is my answer.

Understanding and Using English Grammar, 4th Edition (Book & Audio CD)
I studied grammar with this book long long time ago. But some of the phrases are not used in the real world anymore. Languages are alive and English grammar we learn in textbook is always behind. Just keep in mind and be flexible. But this book definitely helped me understand English grammar better.


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Thank you very much for reading it. I will see you later!



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